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Traditional Martial Arts Center


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Traditional martial arts taught by certified instructors in a modern training hall

Traditional values and disciplines with scientific teaching methods

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Taekwondo is an Olympic sport well knows for its powerful kicks and fast footwork.

A Japanese art of sword fencing.  Kendo is to discipline the mind by means of applying the principles of the sword.

An internal martial art focuses on relaxation, alignment and energy cultication.

Day, evening and Saturday classes

Ages 5 years to adults

Special family discount

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Private lessons available

Each martial art we offer is an entirely separate program.  Please click on the martial art that you are interested in:

Wingchun- Attacking and defending the centerline, simutaneous blocking and striking.

Kali/Escrima-Training consists of single stick, double sticks, stick and dagger, and self defense against weapon attacks.

2021 News and events

Koryo Taekwondo belts test @ 6pm


Nov. 19