Traditional Martial Arts Center


Taichi (Taiji) is an internal martial art founded 300 years ago in China.

It is called an internal martial art because its training focuses on relaxation, alignment and energy cultivation instead of strength training and athletic conditioning.

Once considered one of the supreme combat arts in old China, Taichi has since evolved into an art stressing health and fitness, although the self-defense aspects are still practiced.  Also, Taichi is both combination of Chi Kung Meditation and Martial Art Forms.

Why practice Taichi?

     -     Stress reduction-flexibility of the mind

     -     Mental clarity-improve concentration

     -     Improve health-movement oriented, improve arthritis

     -     Build internal Chi-fight against sickness

     -     Balance and coordination

     -     Martial applications

     -     Project positive energy, promote friendship

     -     Cost-inexpensive alternative to surgery, medicine

     -     Lead healthy lives

To practice Taichi, wear loose clothing, either bare feet of soft sole shoes (flat heel, non marking)


Tuesdays and Thursdays: 7:30pm-8:30pm

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