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We are currently accepting middle and high school students and adults to train in the Arts of Wing Chun Kungfu/Filipino Martial Arts.

Wing Chun Kungfu:

Wing Chun is one of the most efficient and effective self-defense system taught today.  Key principles of Wing Chun include attacking and defending the centerline, simultaeneous blocking and striking, economy of motion, and utilizing superior position and technique rather than meeting force against force.  

In Wing Chun, there are no wasted movements.  Wing Chun was developed to allow practioners to become skilled fighters in the shortest period of time possible.  The system is designed to allow a smaller, seemingly weaker individual to defeat a larger, stronger opponent through superior techniques.

Wing Chun has 3 empty hand forms, a wooden dummy form, sensitivity drills, and Chi Sao (rolling hands training).  Five years of consistent training is generally accepted as the length of time to learn the entire system.

Wing Chun system helps one to develop timing, sensitivity, balance, coordination and relaxation.  We emphsize physical conditioning and the development of strong basics in every fighing range.  Along with principles of Wing Chun Kungfu, other arts of the east and west brought togehter for a well rounded and practical approach to self defense and reality fighting.

Filipino Martial Arts:

The Filipino Martial Arts were originally developed for combat and practical application in a relatively short period of time against other villages or foreign invaders.  Training consists of single stick, double sticks, stick and dagger, and self defense against weapon attacks.  Students will learn how to use ordinary objects as weapons to defense themselves.  

Training consists of Marinas Pananandata (designed for combat and self-defense).  A great deal of emphasis is placed on stick and knife sparring for realism of combat.  Workshops are held several times a year and are taught personally by Grandmaster Amante Marinas.  Advanced students specialize in number of Filipino weapons from the Pananandata system.


Instructor:  Sifu Steve Charlson

Steve Charlson has over 25 years of experience in the martial arts.  He is a certified Wing Chun instructor on the Jiu Wan Style under Sifu Garrick Edwards of the Warehouse (Atlanta, Georgia) and authorized weapons instructor of the Filipino Martial Arts under a number of well-known instructors, which include Amante Marinas, Ted Lucalucay, Rich Lamoureauz, and Edgar Sulite.  Steve Charlson also has black belts in Taekwondo and American Style Karate.  He was AAU Virginia State Karate Champion in 1981.

To reach Sifu Steve Charlson by email: stephencharlson@yahoo.com

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Wing Chun Kungfu